Funeral arrangements will be announced when completed.
In memory of
Albert Boller
March 26, 1928 - June 08, 2021 - Age 93

Albert Boller passed away on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at the age of 93 years, beloved husband of the late Anne Boller. Funeral arrangements will be announced when completed. To e-mail an expression of sympathy, please direct it to: office@pattisonfuneralhome.com subject heading: Albert Boller.

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Message from Dianne Smith June 11, 2021
My deepest condolences to Albert's family. I worked with Albert at Redcliff Greenhouses for a number of years and he was exceptional in his roll as the greenhouse rose grower. He was able to coax maximum production from all the roses by his attention to detail and we relied heavily on him to have roses blooming for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and for regular shipments that were sent all across Canada. He never failed to deliver roses for those occasions. After his retirement, he would stop by to collect for his Church charity, giving me a chance to visit with him. He always talked so fondly about his family. I hope you have many memories to cherish in the days ahead. Dianne Smith
Dianne Smith