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As long as no organization demands that a lawyer assist with the transfer of an asset or settlement of an account and as along as no beneficiary or creditor contests their entitlement. However, often people prefer to entrust this task to a professional.

The Pattison Funeral Home and Crematorium can store ashes for a limited time at no charge. These ashes are yours to pick up anytime, however please call ahead. Ideally 24 hours notice would be valuable. Please call us at 403-526-2214 and we will arrange a time for you to pick up the ashes on as short a notice a possible.

Yes the ashes can be picked up by you and delivered to the cemetery of your choice for burial (with required documentation). If you wish to have the ashes buried at Hillside Cemetery and do not wish to be present, we can assist you with this request. If you wish the ashes to be buried at Hillside Cemetery a later date, and the family will again be present, we can assist with these arrangements closer to the date of interment. Please consider discussing the date and time with the funeral home as there may be a conflict with another family.

Usually but not limited to:

  • Funeral Directors Statements of Death (or commonly referred to as Death Certificates (12) are provided for your use. If you require more simply call the funeral home and request as many as you need.
  • Acknowledgment cards: you are initially given one box of 24, if you need more, again please call us or stop by and you can have as many as you need.
  • Guest Register and memorial cards: the guest book is available at the funeral for everyone to sign and at that time they are given a memorial card. Any cards that are left over are given to you.
  • Email condolences: if anyone sends a condolence by email to the funeral home we will print it. If they send an email after the funeral, we will then forward it to the email contact that we have on file. If there is no email contact we will print it and send it to you by mail.
  • Sympathy cards: cards that are brought to the funeral are collected in a basket in our lobby.
  • Valuables: Valuable items such as jewelry are itemized by the funeral home upon arrival and if it has been arranged by the family and the funeral home for those items to be returned whoever picks them up will be required to sign for them.
  • Memory table items: following the service, these items will be kept here at the funeral home until you come for them. If you need them to be delivered please call and we can arrange a time for that.
  • Flowers: remain here at the funeral home (for church see below) until you are able to pick them up with your other items or if you need them delivered, please call and we can arrange a time for us to come. For church services, the flowers remain in the sanctuary unless we are instructed by the family (or the church) to remove them after the funeral.
  • Questionnaire: We ask you to fill this out and return it to us at your convenience.

Once all the costs and any funeral insurance have been received, the account will be calculated and mailed to the contact person, bank or lawyer. For ease, if you wish, we can mail the contact person a copy of the statement as well as the bank or the lawyer.

This is a service provided to you by the Medicine News but paid for by the funeral home. Anyone can access the obituary of your loved one. You may want to visit this site as often times people will leave messages of condolence there. You can access this website:

Interment at Hillside Cemetery takes place all year round with special time considerations in the winter. The cost for individual plots (for burial or cremated remains) are available through the funeral home.

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