Checklist For Survivors

A Checklist for Survivors

This list is general, not all applies to everyone and there may be some items not on this list. It is meant to be a guideline:

☐ check with bank for safety deposit box. If there is one, check contents

☐ locate original copies of the will, birth or baptismal, marriage certificates, original investment certificates, recent tax return, Social Insurance Cards.

☐ Application for CPP Death Benefit (if applicable). This application will be filled out by the Pattison Funeral Home. You will have to sign the application. Death Benefit is a one time lump sum entitled to the estate, if the deceased was a contributor to CPP.

☐ Application for CPP Survivors Benefit (if applicable). This application will be filled out by the Pattison Funeral Home. You will have to sign the application. Survivors Benefit - the spouse is entitled to this benefit providing the deceased paid into CPP.

☐ Any questions regarding eligibility must be made to Canada Pension directly, please call 1-800-277-9914. They will ask for the social insurance # of the deceased.

☐ Old Age Security, Seniors Benefits and Canada Pension must notified. This can be done by fax by the Pattison Funeral Home.

☐ Notify Canada Customs and Revenue Canada to ensure G.S.T. credit is discontinued. This can be done by mail - include a Funeral Directors Statement of Death to:

Winnipeg Tax Centre

66 Stapon Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3M2

☐ File a personal tax return of the deceased and obtain clearance certificates: within 6 months of the death - if the death has occurred between November 1 - December 31; or by April 30th of the following year if the death occurred between January 1 - October 31.

☐ Notify Alberta Health Care by calling 310-0000 and dialing 780-427-1432

☐ Notify Alberta Blue Cross by calling 1-800-661-6995

☐ Cancel valid passport by mailing it to:

Passport Canada Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Gatineau, Quebec

K1A 0G3

- include a copy of the death certificate and a letter indicating of the cancelled passport should be destroyed or returned to you

☐ Notify Alberta Seniors Benefits by calling: 1-877-644-9992

In cases where both spouses have been receiving the benefit, and the surviving spouse is over the age of 65, he or she may qualify for funeral expenses for up to $1,200.00. Call 1-877-644-9992. Or visit: If there is no spouse, there is no eligibility for a benefit.

☐ File claims for life insurance benefits, and make beneficiary changes on existing policies

☐ Check life insurance coverage on all unpaid loans and mortgages

☐ Obtain any unpaid wages and company benefits from the deceased’s employer

☐ Apply for any fraternal or organizational benefits

It is recommended to retain the services of a lawyer to administer estate matters and make arrangements for probate, if necessary. Gather information regarding beneficiaries, i.e., full names, current addresses and dates

☐ Notify bank to make necessary account changes - remember to take along a Funeral Directors Statement of Death

☐ Arrange for name changes on titles to real estate and investments owned by the deceased.

☐ Contact Canada Investment and Savings at 1-800-575-5151 to transfer ownership of Canada Savings or Premium Bonds

☐ Ensure all property taxes have been paid.

☐ Pay outstanding debts and cancel credit cards in the name of the deceased. Determine if credit cards are insured and if any “awards points” can be transferred.

☐ Secure the safety of the deceased’s property and valuables

☐ Notify the insurance agent, holding the homeowner’s policy, of the death.

☐ Re-route the deceased’s mail, if the home is left vacant, by providing a Funeral Directors Statement of Death and a copy of the will to Canada Post.

☐ Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions, group memberships, and any yard care contracts.

☐ Notify the telephone and utility companies of the death and make appropriate directory/billing changes

☐ Transfer vehicle ownership, license plates and auto insurance to appropriate person. Cancel deceased’s driver’s licence.

☐ Return medical aids on loan. Return unused prescription drugs to local pharmacy for proper disposal.

☐ Purchase and arrange for a monument to mark the grave. Hillside Monumental is affiliated with the Pattison Funeral Home. 403-528-2221

☐ If you are the surviving spouse, you will need to revise your will

☐ In the case of a death of a federal government employee, contact the Superannuation Sector for survivor and death benefits (within 30 days) - 1-800- 561-7930

☐ In the case of a death resulting from a motor vehicle accident, apply for the death benefit by contacting your automobile insurance agent.

☐ In the case of the death of a war veteran, apply for potential assistance from last Post Fund (1-800-465-7113). This is a resource that is income based and because of that, the Last Post Fund is in direct communication with the family and will not deal with the funeral home.

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