Condolences for Susan Hebert

Received from Roger & Beth Raymond

From your brother. I will always remember the lighter times of being a brother to you as we were growing up and I will never forget you. May you rest in peace.

Received from Diane and Pierre Paquette

I will miss you terribly, my sweet sister. We have a lot of memories together over the years that I will cherish forever! For my dear brother-in-law, Carl, I hope you have some comfort knowing that Susan is at peace.

Received from James Paquette

Condolences from my family Jean-Sebastien, Alexandra and Sheri Beattie.

Received from Dave and Kim Picard

So sorry to hear ... condolences from Kim and Dave. Prayers and blessings to you all

Received from The Sask Picard family.

Our condolences. Aunt Susan and all family is in our prayers during this time.

Received from Helen and Antonio Del Ciotto

Memories of you will always be with me - love you

Received from Carmen Picard

So many wonderful memories with you Susie Q. Loved laughing with you. I will miss you terribly. You were a fierce words with friends opponent! The struggle is over, rest in peace.
My condolences to Carl, Carol, Tricia & Chris hoping good memories replace your grief. Much love.

Received from Carmen Picard

My condolences to you Carl, Carol, Tricia and Chris. She is at peace. I will miss her so much.

Received from Anne Hebert

Carl & family - very sorry to hear of Susan's passing. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.

Received from Daniel Paquette

My condolences to you uncle Carl, Carol, Trisha and Christopher. Mum(Diane), wanted me share this with you. Back when I visited for work those years ago, I learned how much of a truly awesome person aunt Susan was. Before leaving on my adventure aunt Suan showed me how to "really" pack a suitcase. Although simple, I have never packed a suitcase any other way. I won't ever forget it.